These are the resources that I use to trade and research stocks and crypto. I have premium accounts on most of these. There are some I use the free version on.

Best Trading Platform

Interactive Brokers

Trade OTC Penny Stocks, Options, and International Stocks from over 135 Countries

Interactive Brokers is the best trading platform for non-US Residents. And for everyone, including US Residents, Interactive Brokers is the best platform for trading OTC Penny Stocks and International Stocks.

  • Pre-market and after-hours trading
  • NASDAQ & NYSE listed stocks
  • OTC Penny Stocks [just request “United States (Penny Stocks)” authorization when signing up
  • Global Securities Trading from 135 Markets
  • Single-leg Options
  • Multi-leg Options
  • Open to non-US Investors
  • $0 Commissions on US Listed Stocks and ETFs
  • Powerful Charting with Drawing Tools, Indicators, and Studies
  • Available Countries List

Discord – Community Investing Group (Paid)

Lucrum Investing

Discord with Over 40 Analysts Like Myself

This is a platform for your investing ideas and insight. Inside you will have access to a plethora of analyst and other like minded people ready to help you with questions and investment ideas!

  • 7 Day Free Trial
  • Chat Rooms Dedicated to trading Styles
  • 14 Stock Analysts
  • 16 Option Analysts
  • 19 Crypto Analysts
  • 3 Forex Analysts
  • Due Diligence & News Channels
  • Analyst Trade Alerts
  • Sweep Alerts
  • Darkpool Trade Alerts
  • Educational Material

Facebook – Community Investing Group (Free)

We Profit Day and Night

Ask Questions, Get Help, Learn Together

This is a free group I created as an alternative to a paid Patreon Discord. Since I’m just here to help you, I didn’t want you to have to pay to discuss stocks with myself and other traders. So join our free community on Facebook! Just don’t forget to answer BOTH questions when you request to join.

  • Get Answers to Your Questions
  • Discuss Stock Picks
  • Learn How to Trade from Your Peers

Stock Analysis and Analyst Price Targets

Tip Ranks

Free account to view consolidated data. Small monthly fee to view detailed data and reports.

FREE Account

10% OFF Premium

10% OFF Ultimate

Tip Ranks is like a one-stop shop for stock analysis. They have a ton of consolidated and detailed information including Analyst Rankings, Retail Sentiment, Blogger Sentiment, Insider Buying / Selling, Hedge Fund Purchases / Sales, Earnings, Dividends, and More.

  • Stock Analysis
  • Analyst Reports and Price Targets
  • Insider Activity
  • Blogger Sentiment and Reports
  • Retail Sentiment and Portfolios
  • Hedge Fund Positions
  • Charts
  • Earnings – Historical and Upcoming
  • Dividends – Historical and Upcoming

ARK Invest’s Individual Stock Holdings, Purchases, Sales

Lucid Tracking

Free account to view some ETFs. Small monthly fee to view all ETFs.

Lucid Tracking shows you ARK Invest’s buys and sell, their holdings, and breaks it down to show additional information such as first time stock purchases, and stocks that were completely dropped.

  • Daily Buys for each fund
  • Daily Sells for each fund
  • Aggregate buys / sells across all funds
  • Stocks Added and Dropped
  • Stock Changes in Weight of ETF Portfolio
  • Charts of buys / sells over time for each stock
  • And much, much more

Crypto Hardware Wallet


Most Secure Way to Store Crypto

Most secure way to protect your crypto from theft. Don’t leave your crypto at an exchange. Transfer your crypto to your Ledger hardware wallet so that it doesn’t get stolen.

  • Works with your phone and laptop
  • Bluetooth connectivity to your phone (no OTG cable needed)
  • Just remember your pin instead of a your full private key
  • Your PIN can be between 4 and 8 digits long

Up to Date Short Interest Data, Trading Signals, Stock Screener


Monthly or annual. Free trial available.

Ortex has the most up to date data on Short Interest. They also have trading signals to help you make trading decisions.

  • Short Interest – Including Utilization, Days to Cover, SI as a Percent of Free Float, and Graphs to see the data over time
  • Trading Signals
  • Stock Screener
  • Insider Transactions
  • Analyst Ratings (summary only)
  • Earnings Dates

Institutional Ownership, Short Interest, Stock Screeners


Free account to view some information. Quarterly or Annual fee to view all information. has some information that Tip Ranks leaves out, such as institutional ownership, institutional buys and sells, and short interest information.

  • Institutional Ownership
  • Institutional Buys and Sells
  • Insider Transactions
  • Short Interest – Including Short Shares Available, Short Borrow Fee, Short Volume, Fails-To-Deliver, Put / Call Ratios, and more
  • SEC Filings
  • Charts
  • Financials
  • Stock Screeners

FREE Stock Screener


Free. No account required.

Powerful stock screener with charts, technical patterns, and more.

  • FREE Stock Screener

High Short Interest Stocks

High Short Interest

Free. No account required.

List of the highest short interest stocks.

  • Short Squeeze Potential Stocks

SPAC Information

SPAC Insider

Free to view some information. Large monthly fee required for full information.

New SPACs, SPAC Rumors, SPAC Research, SPAC Calendar, IPO Information

  • New SPACs
  • SPAC Rumors
  • SPAC Research
  • SPAC Calendar
  • IPO Information