About Scott E Curry

About Me

Scott Eric Curry, known professionally as Stock Curry, is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Christian, Husband, and Father. He is the Founder and CEO of Severe Videos, a video production company focused on YouTube Content creation. Scott Curry teaches retail investors how to invest in the stock market through his education company We Profit Day and Night. He is also an avid storm chaser, and chases under the pseudonym Scott Chaser.

In 2018 Mr. Curry started Leadership Uniforms, a school uniform company. Leadership Uniforms donates 5% of all sales to local schools to help schools purchase supplies and provide special programs to their students.

Most importantly, Scott Curry started his Real Christian Life Ministry to help Christians get past the watered down messages about prosperity and peace that plague today’s church, and help Christians live the Real Christian Life by walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to those around them. His ministry is funded through sales of Christian clothing, jewelry, and books.

All of Mr. Curry’s businesses are held by Galaxywide Holdings. A full list of the businesses Scott Curry owns can be found on the Galaxywide Holdings website.